You’ve been counting down the days to see your favorite artist and it’s finally here. Here are five tips to help make it an awesome experience.

#1: Don’t miss the opening band

Chances are you may not have heard of them before. They MAY be terrible, but there is also a good possibility they could be incredible. Remember, The Beatles opened for Roy Orbinson and accidentally “stole” the show. Skipping out on the opening act could mean missing out on discovering a new band you really like.

#2 If you’re going to get merch, get it before the show

Buying merch is a great way to support the band. You support the band monetarily but you also put the band on display to everyone who sees it. Getting to the merch table before the show means you get your hands on the stuff you really want, and don’t get stuck in the massive crowded lines later one once the show starts.

#3: Go to restroom BEFORE the concert starts (unless it’s an emergency)

As with the merch line, bathroom lines can get incredibly long. The last thing you want to do is be waiting for that one song, then stress out from the bathroom, stuck in a neverending line. Don’t miss your favorite hit while waiting in a line (it’s definitely not the same listening to it from the bathroom stall).

#4: Dance like no one is watching

Bands love seeing people enjoy their music. Although we all enjoy music in our way, don’t be afraid to dance, rock out, sing along. Artists feed off the audience’s energy, so a lovely audience makes the concert even better. It may be kind of awkward at first, but the more you let go, the more you’ll enjoy it. Who knows, it may take your music experience to a whole new level!

#5: Don’t spend the entire night taking videos or pictures

Okay — we all want a good photo or video to share the experience with our friends, but how often do we really go back and look at the blurry, poorly lit photos or shaky, loud videos? If you can get a nice picture or a video of your favorite song maybe take a couple minutes and save that memory. Otherwise don’t enjoy the concert through the screen on your phone. Amazing memories are worth a lot more than a thousand blurry photos. Plus how can you dance and jump around AND keep the phone stabilized?? Enjoy the experience while you’re there, and when you want to relive the experience you’ll have amazing memories. If that’s not enough you can always get tickets for another show!